Programming Instructions

Adding replacement Triad control fobs to your vehicle.

If you do not have a functioning Fob, you must use the emergency bypass process to program new Fobs.

1. Turn on ignition and LED will start flashing rapidly. (the LED is the red flashing mounted below the dash)

2. Present a functioning transponder (key chain or card) to ignition antenna. The antenna is located around the ignition key cylinder. The LED will give a long blink and then go out. Note; The Triad III systemís antenna is located in the LED housing.

3. Turn the ignition to the off position. LED will blink rapidly.

4. Wait 3 seconds and then present the programmer Fob or card to ignition antenna. The system will beep twice, the LED will stop for a Moment and then start blinking and make a ticking sound.

5. Present each one of the Fobs, one at a time, to the ignition antenna and the LED will give a long blink and a beep to confirm the Fob has been accepted. The Triad system will learn up to 6 fobs. Any fobs not programmed will not operate the system.

6. To confirm programming is correct, try to start the vehicle without a Fob and then with one. Wait until the LED begins to flash slow Red before testing each fob. The slow Red flash confirms the system has rearmed.

7. Repeat this process if all of your Fobs fail to start the vehicle.

Please be sure to return the programmer we sent with your order. Use the provided postage paid padded envelope. There will be a $75.00 charge for an unreturned programmer. Call 888-668-4338 if you need additional assistance from 9am to 4pm M-F. Thank you for your business!

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